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From massage, facials and body treatments to hair and nails, Née Spa is your special place to rejuvenate body and soul. Your relaxation is in good hands.

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All of our body treatments include natural elements for the earth combined with healing water elements that will replenish and restore the mind body and spirit. Each treatment begins with a scrub to exfoliate the body and ends with nourishing enriched body butter.

  • The Signature Née Scrub

    Signature Née Scrub, 60 Minute Relaxation Nèe Massage, and Signature Nèe Facial

    60 minutes…$125
  • Signature Née Clay Wrap

    After receiving the Née Scrub, you are wrapped in a nourishing gray clay hydrating the body leaving the skin cleansed and replenished.

    90 minutes…$185
  • Back Facial
    45 minutes… $75

Please come in 30 minutes before your service to enjoy our amenities. Please inform your therapist of any health conditions or concerns.