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From massage, facials and body treatments to hair and nails, Née Spa is your special place to rejuvenate body and soul. Your relaxation is in good hands.

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Massage allows the body to relax and aids in natural healing functions. Each massage incorporates aromatherapy depending on the client’s needs and choice. Please inform your Therapist of any health conditions or concerns. Customize any massage by making it a Couples Service for two. We also have Tandem Massage meaning two Therapists working in unison on one client to promote the ultimate in relaxation at your request and upon availability.

  • Relaxation

    Aromatherapy infused treatment incorporating relaxing Swedish style massage technique to help relax the mind and body.

    30 minutes...$65
    60 minutes…$115
    90 minutes…$160
  • Couples Relaxation
    30 minute treatment…$125
    60 minute treatment…$220
    90 minute treatment...$305
  • Therapeutic Massage

    A specially trained Therapist gives you a mix of Swedish style and different Deep Tissue modalities focusing on your area of concern.

    30 minutes…$70
    60 minutes…$125
    90 minutes…$175
  • Couples Therapeutic
    30 minute treatment…$135
    60 minute treatment…$245
    90 minute treatment...$335
  • Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
    60 minute treatment…$140
  • Healing River Stone Massage

    A deeply relaxing massage mixed with Swedish style and warm river stones giving you a deeper state of relaxation.

    60 minute treatment…$130
  • Mommy to Be

    The mother-to-be massage is customized to the mother focusing on areas of concern while keeping the baby’s and mother’s health in mind. Our specialty therapist has the tools they need to help mother’s relax.

    60 minute treatment…$125
  • Reflexology

    This technique involves manipulating points in the feet, hands and ears to stimulate healing and balance in the body. This treatment helps congestion, stimulates self-healing and rebalances the energy flow

    30 minute treatment…$65
  • Therapeutic Cupping
    60 minute treatment$125
  • Massage Enhancements
    10 Minute Foot Treatment...$15
    Hot Stone Topper...$15
    Hot Oil Scalp Treatment...$15
    Sinus Soother...$15
    Back Scrub...$20

Please inform your Therapist of any medical conditions before your service. Please arrive 30 minutes before your service to enjoy our spa amenities.