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From massage, facials and body treatments to hair and nails, Née Spa is your special place to rejuvenate body and soul. Your relaxation is in good hands.

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née spa specialties

The Née Spa Family presents to you unique services that represent Downstream’s cultural heritage, letting you escape into a true healing JourNée.

  • Spiritual Healing

    A client favorite that we introduced during the month of July in honor of the Quapaw Pow Wow. Allow the stress to melt away as your Therapist drops oils down your spine and then using light feathering massage techniques. our pores will open and absorb the oils anointing your body to begin the healing experience. This treatment is then followed by a gentle mineral infused hot towel compression and relaxing massage.

    80 minutes…$160
  • JourNée Foot Treatment

    The feet are your foundation in your life. Allow our specially trained therapist to replenish your foundation with the ultimate foot spa treatment. Using an aroma scrub that gently exfoliates your feet and legs, we will use our Healing River Stone Massage to help your foundation feel restored and replenished. This treatment does not include nail work but can be added on for $20.

    50 minute treatment…$70
  • Quapaw Rain
    60 minute treatment...$115

Please inform your Therapist of any health conditions or concerns.