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  • play to win

    Downstream Casino Resort's poker room is open! Poker room hours are 10AM-4AM. Both Mega Bad Beat and Mini Bad Bear Jackpots will be available!

    Poker tournaments are currently suspended, we apologize for the inconvenience please check back.



  • credit

    See if the benefits and convenience of casino credit are right for you.

    Apply by downloading this application and returning it to the Casino Credit Department. Simply contact our Credit Office at (918) 919-6260.

    Or mail it ahead to:

    Casino Credit
    Downstream Casino Resort
    69300 E. Nee Road
    Quapaw, OK 7436

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  • Craps are now live at Downstream Casino Resort.

    On the very first roll (the come-out roll) there is a marker about the size of a hockey puck in the middle of the table with the word “OFF” showing, the pass line wins on 7 or 11 and loses on 2, 3 or 12. Any other dice total: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, becomes the shooter's "point," and when the “point” is established the marker is placed on the number rolled and flipped over to show the word “ON”. All players need the "point" to repeat again to win on the pass line - before the shooter rolls a 7. The shooter continues to roll the dice until they make the "point" or a 7. Rolling the point wins, rolling a 7 loses and the dice pass to the next player. Regardless of who the shooter is, all bets on the table are in action with the shooter.



  • roulette

    Roulette are now live at Downstream Casino Resort.

    All Players must purchase roulette chips from the dealer before they can start play. The dealer will give each player a specific chip color so each player’s wagers are separate from each other. The chip value depends on what the player purchases. When the patron is ready to leave the Roulette Table, they must redeem their chips for cashable chips at the roulette table.
    Game Play: You can place wagers by placing colored chips on the Roulette Table. The object of the game is to correctly guess where a small white ball will land on a Roulette Wheel. Then, as wagers are being placed, the Dealer spins the Roulette Wheel in one direction. As the wheel spins, the Dealer drops the small white ball in a way that will make the ball travel in the opposite direction of the Roulette Wheel. Wagers may be placed until the Dealer announces “No More Bets.” When the ball drops from the track onto the Roulette Wheel and finally rests into a Roulette Wheel segment, the Dealer calls out the winning number and places a marker on it. After the winning number is announced, the Dealer clears the losing wagers and pays out the winning wagers. Patrons: Please do not remove winning wagers or place new bets until all winners have been paid. After the Roulette Table is cleared, the Dealer announces “Place Your Bets,” signaling the beginning of a new game.